Famous Fast Moving Consumer Product Logo Designs That Have Beat Their Competitors

Fast moving consumer products are household items that have a short shelf life. Even though most of them, but not all, expire within a year they are still one of the most powerful industries in the world.

But with strong success comes strong competition.

This is probably one of the most competitive industries in the world so companies need to excel at product quality and branding strategies if they want to survive.

Having a product logo design that represents brand values and assures customers of its quality can give it edge over others.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous fast moving consumer goods symbols and see what makes them so popular:

1. Nestle:

The Nestle emblem is an illustrated image of a nest with mother bird feeding its baby birds which has been inspired by the name of this corporation. The symbol represents natural care and comfort. The image of the birds and nest assures customers that the company cares for all living beings and creates a soft corner in their hearts.

2. Unilever:

Personally, this is one of my favorite emblems. At first sight their symbol looks simple which is the letter U. But on careful observation you will see that the letter U is made up of small images of trees, flowers, doves, vegetables and fruits. These images depict their commitment for quality products and healthier lifestyle. The simple combination of blue and white color helps keep the design sophisticated and memorable.

3. Proctor And Gamble:

This is one of the most popular fast moving consumer goods companies. Their brand mark is simply the initials P and G in blue italic font style with white background. The simplicity of the design is what makes it memorable and unique whereas the use of blue color represents dependability and trust.

4. Kraft:

This company’s monogram is their business name encompassed in a unique shape which resembles a rectangle and diamond. This red bordered shape is what has made the company logo distinctive because whenever you look at this shape, it reminds you of Kraft foods. The selection of red color was also a wise choice as it is eye catching and attractive.

5. Nokia:

The symbol for the most popular cellular company is simply their company name and slogan in thick blue fonts with a white background. Their promotional product logo often consists of the business name with a photograph of two hands reaching for each other. The human touch to the technological company makes it more appealing and sensitive looking.